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ASI Creates Transition Team for Asset Inventory Users

Naperville IL – Asset Systems has announced a simplified transition program to move users of Asset Inventory to either AssetWIN™, the desktop equivalent, or the Ingenium™ cloud version of the product. In many cases, users can migrate their current databases without a data conversion or additional training.  All existing equipment is supported.

The Asset Inventory product was a branded version of AssetWIN™ so the user will experience little difference in usage other than minor improvements in some graphics. However, an important difference is a licensing approach where AssetWIN™ uses a concurrent rather than a named user approach.  The result is that in many cases the number of licenses required will drop by more than half. ASI is also offering aggressive discounts during the first quarter of 2021 to minimize implementation costs.  

Path to Upgrade

“When we were approached years ago to private label our software, we recognized the mutual benefit of subject matter experts in asset management and fixed asset accounting joining forces to present a high-quality integrated solution to the market,” observed ASI president Alden Snyder.  “Over the years, that approach has been validated by hundreds of clients interested in managing the physical and financial life of their assets.

More important is that independently we can offer the advantage of a cloud-based alternative that was not available with the private label approach.” The AssetWIN™ product will include support directly from program developers for all technical issues replacing the tiered approach of Asset Inventory. Phone and email support are unlimited under the annual support agreement.

The pace of migrating clients has already begun but will pick up considerably in early 2021.


About Asset Systems; ASI is a full-service provider of asset management software, products, and services.  In business since 1987, ASI offers highly adaptable, award-winning software that is used in small to mid-market private sector companies, healthcare, education, and a full complement of public sector organizations.

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