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Asset Systems Begins 25th Year

NAPERVILLE, IL (October 27, 2011) Asset Systems, Inc. a leading provider of asset management software and services begins its 25th year in business on October 1, 2011. “Our journey from a start-up company that sold software and services exclusively to the contract furniture industry to providing comprehensive asset management solutions for public and private organizations nationwide has been incredibly rewarding,”observed Alden Snyder, founder and president.

Asset Systems Begins 25th Year

When ASI was founded, portable bar code data collection equipment was a new technology and few systems were available to take advantage of its power. The portable computers of the day, often described as luggable, weighed 20 to 30 pounds, had an 8” by 8” monochrome screen and relied on a wall outlet for power. This was the era of DOS and primitive databases. The internet, smart phones, email and broadband were years in the future.

But, the guiding principles that would ultimately establish world class asset management were introduced in the first release of The Asset System, the DOS predecessor of AssetWIN2011. Every release of the product has supported relational data organization to provide an accurate and efficient data environment. Unlimited user defined data is a hallmark every ASI product release so that every client can define, search, sort and report on any data element required. Group and individual inventory approaches have always been available. And, of course, any transaction can be captured either on the mobile equipment or desk top to conform to any user requirement.

Equally important is the array of services that ASI provides tuned to the individual client’s needs. “We quickly realized that successful asset management was built on more than simply software. Clients needed training, process development, inventory services and implementation support. We became convinced that to help our customers succeed we needed to deliver a complete solution, not just software,” declared Snyder.

“With all of the product evolution and technology changes we have seen the he past 25 years, it is hard to imagine what the asset management landscape will look like in 2036,” added Snyder, “ but we are excited to begin that journey.”

Asset Systems, Inc., based in Naperville, IL, was formed in October, 1987. Its flagship product, AssetWIN, provides bar code based asset management solutions for clients throughout North America. For more information call (877) 955-4321 or log on to

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