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Dealer Inventory Software Enhanced

Naperville – Asset Systems has announced significant improvements in it’s AssetWIN Spectrum product specifically targeted at Contract Furniture dealers. These improvements allow the easy management of multiple warehouses and products in various conditions as they cycle through storage and reuse.  The user interfaces have been enhanced for clarity and the picking process can be automated for quick accurate picks.

For decades, Asset Systems has taken the hassle out of dealer warehouse management and improved the visibility of customer owned product for sales, design, and operations.  The product is available either as an installed product or as a hosted service which is housed on high security servers.  Hosted users can choose to allow clients to view and download information about their specific inventory products via any web browser. 

Each client’s data is maintained in a protected database segment to limit access to authorized users. Spectrum takes full advantage of bar coding to speed and improve the quality of data entry and access. Furniture industry specification data is available in either deployment.  In addition to managing client products in the warehouse, dealers can use the product to perform asset management services for clients onsite. 

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