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Are You Ready for Post Covid Asset Management?

Asset management is being redefined as the economy recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic.  Whether you manage IT assets for work-from-home employees, office assets for a suddenly reduced, far more complex office setting or field assets that need to be tracked despite reduced manpower, things will never be the same as the beginning of 2020.  You will need to be more proactive while holding costs to a minimum.

The key to this new reality is data – what assets are available, where are they located, what is their condition and status? The only means to create the data rich environment is software that is easy to use, adaptable to your requirements and is at your fingertips.  That software needs to provide clear audit trails, gather asset data electronically, expand to address evolving data and functional requirements and effortlessly integrate with other systems. Imagine, for instance, accessing the database on your phone from anywhere. Our Ingenium product offers all of this and more.

There is no doubt the demand for accurate asset data will never be as intense as in the next few months.  You need a solution that can be implemented quickly and leverage any existing data. And you will need experienced experts to guide that process.  In short, whether you need a cloud-based product or an installed solution, you need Asset Systems.

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