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Mobility Enhanced AssetWIN 2014 Announced

Asset Systems, Inc. announced the availability of AssetWIN 2014, a significant upgrade to its asset management application. For the first time, AssetWIN will fully support mobile data collection on any device through any network architecture. This expansion of data collection capability is the most significant in the past decade.

The traditional approach for asset management data collection involved single purposed bar code scanners moving data in batches or over WIFI networks. The new version of AssetWIN expands the paradigm to include cellular based communication and any mobile platform (Windows, IOS and Android). Equally important, the mobile device can be easily connected to an inexpensive Bluetooth bar code scanner, dramatically changing the cost profile of mobile data collection. Because the mobile capability connects directly the AssetWIN data base, all transaction are posted real time eliminating the need for batch processing or file syncing.

“A hallmark of every asset management system we have ever produced is the careful evaluation of all data to eliminate detectable errors during the data entry process,”remarked Alden Snyder, president of Asset Systems, “It became an iron clad requirement of this new feature that data integrity would not be compromised.”

AssetWIN 2014 also offers a number of additional new features and enhancements including:

  • An unlimited number of files may be attached to a product description.
  • Data may be exported to the data collection programs to streamlined data collection for traditional batch and WIFI Scanners.
  • User interface has been enhanced for easier presentation of data.
  • Product inventory may now be audited for rapid clean-up of miscounts.
  • Finally, the data collection program, DataCAP has also been improved for streamlined operations and the use of data tables from AssetWIN. All new versions are available immediately.

AssetWIN is a full featured asset management solution used by Fortune 500 and mid-market organizations. AssetWIN’s unique relational design provides a powerful tool to acquire and maintain highly accurate asset data. All versions include complete audit trails and an automated audit process for spot or comprehensive audits. Other features include unlimited user defined fields, asset images, location videos, check-in/check-out, report writer and helpdesk integration. AssetWIN is available as a desktop, client server or SAAS model.

Asset Systems, Inc., based in Naperville, IL, was formed in October 1987. Its flagship product, AssetWIN provides bar code or RFID based asset management solutions for clients throughout North America.

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