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No Cost Ventilator Tracking

(Naperville, IL) - To help hospitals and emergency responders, Asset Systems has announced the availability of its cloud-based asset tracking application at no charge for healthcare providers for the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Using a portal set up for each organization, medical equipment can be tracked individually as it moves from one provider to the next and can be associated with an expected return date to proactively manage future availability. This service is particularly valuable to institutions whose asset data is housed on in-house servers where external access is restricted or prohibited.

The tracking platform provided is Asset Ingenium a cloud solution hosted on highly secure Microsoft Azure servers. To take advantage of this service, the organization must contact Support at Asset Systems to set-up a gateway and populate to necessary data tables.  Once set-up, movements can be tracked using any web browser or a phone application available for either iOS or Android. Easy to use asset check-out and check-in, extensive reporting, unlimited user defined data, complete audit trails and the ability to track by either bar code or serial number is included. ASI will provide support via phone or email to aid in set-up and usage of the software.

This service is being provided at no cost by Asset Systems, Inc., a pioneer in asset tracking applications software and controls. ASI has served the healthcare community for decades throughout North America including The Joint Commission, Veterans Administration and broad range of public and private hospitals and related organizations.  Further information is available from our web site or directly by contacting



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