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Problems With Windows CE Device

Article ID: 45277571

To resolve the issue, use the following steps to connect Zebra CE devices with Windows 10 Creator Update OS via WMDC:

  1. Install the appropriate of WMDC based on Windows 32-bit or 64-bit version. Find the both WMDC version below:
  2. Install media pack Download
  3. Restart your PC
  4. Open services. MSC
  5. Go to Windows Mobile-2003-based device connectivity
  6. Right click Windows Mobile-2003-based device connectivity and click Properties
  7. Go to Log On Tab
  8. Choose Local System Account Screenshot
  9. Click Apply
  10. Go to General Tab
  11. Press Stop and wait
  12. Once stopped, press Start
  13. Press OK
  14. Restart your PC
  15. Cross check again step 5 if it is set properly.

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