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We hope you all had a great start to 2022. At Asset Systems, we have a lot of exciting things planned for 2022 and this is one of them. We want to communicate with you on a regular basis to let you know about a range of topics from new developments to industry trends. We know that once one of our products is set-up in a client environment, it often becomes one of those reliable tools that performs for months or years without a great deal of attention.

While we are honored to be included in your software toolbox, we know that we can help do a better job if we keep you posted to features that are new, overlooked or ingenious ways other clients have found to use our products. We’ll also share stories about our exploits in the field that supply insight or humor in managing assets.

Ingenium 4.6 and 4.7

Late last year, we quietly released two new builds of Ingenium. For various reasons, there was little fanfare but together they added significant functionality. The first, Version 4.6, significantly broadened our security profile by offering multifactor authentication and extended password controls. Both need to be set-up by our support team but, once established are under user control. The multifactor authentication feature will send a code to the user’s email address that must be entered to gain access to Ingenium. Extended passwords allow your system administrator to set a password length between 8 and 24 characters to enhance the security profile of all users.

Our second late 2021 release enabled Single Sign-on using Okta. This feature works in conjunction with a third-party tool used by client system administrators to control user access to software used by the organization. Rather than to log directly into Ingenium, the user will click on an icon provided by Okta which provides access directly to Ingenium. The benefit from the user’s perspective is that there is no need to enter the user-id and password sequence in Ingenium as access navigates directly to the dashboard for an authorized user.

We encourage you to contact our tech support group if you are interested in either of those added features.

 Mobile vs. Asset Detail

Let’s face it, a lot of managing assets comes down to regularly entering data about new assets, changes, movements, or retirements. We have always provided several means to accomplish these tasks, but we are often asked: Which is best? We tend to lean toward the mobile form, even if we aren’t scanning assets in the field. The mobile form allows entry of any type of transaction in either product or asset inventories. Its concise form supports easy access to other tables, like description catalog, UDFs or location, through look-up, dropdowns or incremental browsing. You can add or remove UDF fields as needed to tailor the form to specific events. With a look-up by either asset number or serial number, it is a true workhorse.

Of course, all these functions can be accomplished with asset detail form as well. Just a click away from the main asset grid, asset detail provides not only convenience but easy access to asset history, notes, and individual asset check-in/check-out. Because the main asset grid provides access to advanced search, using asset detail provides adjacency to these other powerful features.

In the final analysis, which works better for you is dictated by both circumstances and habits. If one of the other seems foreign to you, please call tech support for a quick tutorial.

The To-Do lists

Solid asset management requires more than all-important individual asset maintenance. The whole database requires attention as well. Not only are regular daily back-ups required (we’re looking at you Spectrum users), but the accuracy of the records needs to be tested regularly. There is no better way to accomplish this than using mobile form to conduct an audit. We recommend that this be done regularly in a few locations just to see if things are as expected. If not, it is time for corrective actions. In future issues, we’ll be looking at this in greater detail into what can be done and how. But for now, it is a warning sign that warrants your attention.

For Spectrum users, it is important to keep your installed software version close to our current version as possible (currently 2021.0.0.0208). This is like changing the oil in your car. It does not need urgent attention but the longer it is ignored, the greater the risk. Your annual renewal includes all version updates so there is no out-of-pocket cost and all of the changes needed for the new version will be automatically installed. If something goes wrong with data using a long out of date version, we will do our best to help but the therapy may be painful.

A New Face in Support

In September 2021, Vic Bianchi, our Client Support Manager for over 15 years retired. We wish him well in his retirement avoiding our cold Chicago winters.

His replacement is Ray Dillinger who some of you may have already encountered. Ray started his career programming and rose to be a Manager of Application Development at Aetna. He can answer, or find the answer, to any of your questions about either Spectrum or Ingenium. Ray brings renewed energy to our support area and has already demonstrated a client care standard that continues Vic’s legacy.

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