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Furniture Warehouse Tracking

New Contract Furniture Dealer Warehouse Tracking Made Easy

Discover the industry’s easiest, most complete warehouse management system: AssetWIN™ Dealer. Available either on-premise or hosted, every dealer installation includes:

Discrete data by client

  • Integration with specification systems and CFI industry data standards
  • Product reservations and picklists
  • Cloud-based remote access for client look-ups and reservations
  • Bar code support using Bluetooth scanners for all transactions
  • Reserve by item or assembly (workstation)
  • Warehouse audits
  • Complete reporting

Our industry leading feature rich tracking software for tracking furniture, provides an unparalleled foundation for contract furniture dealers for small to large warehouses. Features like unlimited user defined data, client unique spec catalogs, hundreds of standard reports, rights-based security, commercial grade bar code support, and a solution with a 30-year heritage in the contract furniture industry.

Our cloud-based hosted version is competitively priced based the number of clients you serve making it easier to use and cost effective to scale your operations as needed. AssetWIN™ allows your clients see their inventory status and make reservations in real-time. No frightening up-front costs, just effective results.

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Read our Buyer’s Guide for Asset Tracking Solutions

There are a lot of options on the market for asset tracking solutions and asset management, so we’ve compiled a list of ten things to know when shopping to make sure you end up with the tracking solution that’s right for you and your business.

"We conducted a rigorous search for a replacement asset tracking system for our immediate needs and one flexible enough to allow us to evolve. AssetWIN was unarguably the best choice. Their team provided excellent training and customer support. The system saves time and improves accuracy. The system has provided flexibility beyond our expectations."

"AssetWIN allows us to easily address the compliance requirements of a variety groups which oversee our operations. Asset Systems provided a complete turnkey of our original installation. And our database has doubled in size without any reduction in performance."

Myron P.

Professional Underwriters, Albany, NY

Betty F.

Prince Georges Community College, Kettering, MD

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