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End-To-End Asset Solutions

End-To-End Solutions for Fixed Asset Management

Implementing fixed asset management can feel like a juggling act with too many moving parts and too few answers. We can take the drama and guesswork out of the project and deliver a complete, fully integrated systems that is ready to use. Here’s what’s included:

Our turnkey solutions provide the greatest value for clients who need predictable cost, schedule, and cost.

We provide all of our clients with complete asset management solutions that provide

  • Fast Inventory Turnaround Icon

    Fast inventory turnaround

  • Less Work Icon

    Less work, more bandwidth for current employees

  • Professional Grade Icon

    Professional-grade data accuracy

  • Cost Effective Icon

    Cost effective solution compared to in-house efforts

Creating the original database for asset tracking can be a time-consuming and complex undertaking particularly when asset counts begin to scale. Even when legacy data is available, cleansing past errors and structuring the data for consistency can prove daunting. With most organizations operating with lean staffs, adding an additional labor-intensive project can stretch existing resources beyond the limit.

Trust Asset Systems with the entirety of your asset management. Here's how your business can benefit:

  • Capacity Icon

    Capacity Face it, most organizations simply do not have employees that can be dedicated full time to a project that can stretch into weeks or months.

  • Complexity Icon

    Complexity The logistics of completing an inventory can be challenging. High asset counts, diverse asset types, multiple locations and demands for high quality data represent a few of the hurdles that need to be overcome.

  • Cost Icon

    Cost We provide fixed pricing for our services so you can budget up front what the project cost will be. You don’t pay us for our time, you only pay us for results.

  • Accuracy Icon

    Accuracy Our time-tested QA process provides consistent results on every project. We have inventoried highly complex equipment and subtlety nuanced furniture with the same reliability as items that are known to everyone.

  • Speed Icon

    Speed We can marshal the resources to complete the project on your schedule regardless of where you and your sites may be located.

Clients That Trust Asset Systems

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Fixed Asset Audit: Best Practices

Most fixed asset audits are surprisingly difficult. Not only is the field confirmation tedious and error prone but the reconciliation often requires estimates and guesswork rather than definite confirmation. However, fixed asset audits can be improved. Actions taken by the accounting department and the auditor, working together, can dramatically change how audits are conducted and the associated tedium. Read more to learn our insight from 30 years in the business of asset management.

Our fixed asset tracking software helped organizations track millions of assets last year. Start tracking yours.

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