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Fixed Asset Accounting Solutions

With the press of more urgent, higher volume accounting activities, fixed asset accounting becomes an afterthought in many accounting departments particularly in smaller organizations. This leads to inconsistent and poorly maintained records that take on larger than life attention during the close.

Fixed Asset Accounting as a Service

We step up to this requirement by providing fixed asset accounting as a service provided an array of solutions tailored to your requirements. If you choose, you can be so hands-off that all you’ll need to do is enter the journal entries and leave the rest to us.

How our fixed asset accounting system works

If you currently have reliable fixed asset accounting data, we simply convert it to our software. Using our web interface, you can record all of the day-to-day transactions as assets are added, moved or retired. You can use bar code scanners or enter the data manually and access your data 24/7 through our web hosting service.

Depending on your requirements, you may choose to calculate and record depreciation directly in your cloud database or work with one of our specialists to perform the calculations and prepare the needed reports for you. If you choose to perform depreciation yourself, you are able to define user roles, maintain depreciation data individually or globally, easily create trial balances, compute journal entries and perform month- and year- end calculations. You can choose from dozens of reports or create your own using our report writer.

Annual accounting service and depreciation calculation IconAnnual accounting service and depreciation calculation

Many organizations - schools, municipalities, not-for-profits - need to calculate depreciation only once a year. Often this requirement is centered around GASB 34 compliance. For these organizations, we offer a specialized service designed to streamline this requirement: Here's how it works:

You have web-based access to your data on our hosted servers 24/7. There you will add, relocate, update, and retire assets as needed. Staff outside of the accounting department can perform much of this work.

If you have any questions about these activities and entries, you will have unlimited access to our technical support area for questions and best practice guidance.

When you are done entering, our staff takes over. We review and balance all transactions, calculate depreciation, and print preliminary copies of a number of reports. Once you have reviewed and approve them, we provide final reports and perform the year-end close.

It's as simple as that. We do the heavy lifting, and you get the convenience and confidence of professional services.

What does it cost?What does it cost?

Every client is different but our prices start at less than $1000 per year. The final cost is based on your size and the services required. To get an exact quote, contact our sales team using the form below.

Our fixed asset tracking software helped organizations track millions of assets last year. Start tracking yours.

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