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Fixed Asset Inventory: Best Practices

Successfully implementing asset tracking into an organization, by necessity, requires a considerable change in policies, processes, and responsibilities. In order to ensure your assets are managed successfully, you will need to implement a thorough system of organization into your company. This document gives a detailed overview into keeping an asset inventory and creating a well-functioning structure of asset management.

Fixed Asset Audit: Best Practice

Most fixed asset audits are surprisingly difficult. Not only is the field confirmation tedious and error prone but the reconciliation often requires estimates and guesswork rather than definite confirmation. However, fixed asset audits can be improved. Actions taken by the accounting department and the auditor, working together, can dramatically change how audits are conducted and the associated tedium. This document gives our insight from 30 years in the business of asset management.

Ten Things To Know Before Buying An Asset Tracking Solution

Finding an asset tracking solution can be difficult and there is a lot to consider when finding the right fit for you and your company. This detailed list covers what we feel you need to assess before choosing a product that fits your needs.

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