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Case Study : Facility Restack

The project was to renovate and re-purpose eight buildings throughout a 40,000-student college by reusing as many of the existing assets as available over a 4-year time frame without effecting class schedules and business affairs. Most classrooms in the decades-old facility were gutted and rebuilt to current standards of functionality and technology. Some of the assets could not be used due to condition or health and safety concerns. Still others could be reused as-is or with some refurbishment. The skills needed to identify, assess, tag and inventory the assets were not within the capabilities of the college, the architect, or the project managers.

After a careful review of alternatives, the team settled on Asset Systems to perform the asset inventory because of our experience and the technical capabilities of our software. Because the final data was to be used primarily by the project architect, the project team worked closely with that firm in developing the scope of services needed to provide the final work product. The areas to be inventoried and description requirements were specified by the architect, and each product standard required a photo so that the reuse/dispose decision could yield a consistent look across the campus. Finally, a comprehensive tagging strategy was designed to label and classify assets during a single-pass inventory.

The project was spread over several phases with an inventory preceding each phase to provide current and accurate data to the designers as the project progressed. Each phase was field-verified for accuracy to make certain that data was correct. With each inventory, a complete data set was delivered which added to the data previously collected and used the same product standards making the task of redeployment simplified. Once loaded, identification of reusable product and aggregation of available product was straightforward. Many unique reporting requirements demanded use of both standard reports and report writer within our software.

Though construction projects continue at the college, the major renovation project is complete. Having the availability of reliable inventory data was crucial to reusing assets according to the lead architect's specifications. our software had a built-in feature set for furniture organized the data in a design-sensitive fashion and allowed easy analysis and manipulation. Mission accomplished.

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