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Asset Tracking Hardware

Barcode Scanners for Real-time Tracking

Barcode Scanners for Real-time Tracking

The classic means of gathering asset data is a mobile data collection device equipped with a barcode scanner and, in some circumstances, wedge scanners. These devices remain popular because of their durability, adaptability and ease of use. We support batch, WIFI and cellular connected devices from a number of manufacturers.

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Manage Assets on Mobile Devices

Smart phones and tablets have pushed data collection into unexpected directions. Because these devices are typically used for other applications, asset management almost becomes an add-on application. Used primarily for low volume database maintenance and auditing, mobile devices can be deployed from anywhere by a wide range of users. This flexibility is crucial to distributing the technology broadly throughout the organization. Learn how you can manage and track your assets using a mobile device in connection with AssetWIN.

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RFID Scanners & Labels

In the past few years, RFID has begun to be an important option in asset management. The engineering challenges that previously compromised its usage have been largely overcome, and a significant percent of the new installations are investing in RFID. Because it is not line-of-sight technology, it offers the flexibility of capturing data quickly when simply adjacent to the asset, even when the asset may not be visible. Learn how our RFID technology can power your asset tracking system.

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All Powered by AssetWIN

Compatible with Windows

AssetWIN in powerful asset tracking software compatible with all modern versions of Microsoft Windows. Beyond accessing your asset data on-premise, you can securely access and manage your information in the cloud. This SaaS allows our users to view and manage assets using a browser on any device—desktop, mobile, or tablet.

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Learn how the Department of Defense used AssetWin to track assets

The client needed a real-time database that could provide a strong audit trail and produce reports that would be acceptable to the Department of Defense. AsssetWIN was the preferred solution because of our proven WIFI data collection capability that could be quickly deployed, and our relational design to provide a structure to keep a large number of assets well organized.

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