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Asset Barcode Hardware

Barcode Scanners for Real-time Tracking

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We support most mobile data collection devices using the widely accepted Windows-based operating system. Each device is equipped with one or more versions of DataCAP, our proprietary data collection program, allowing structured and comprehensive data collection and auditing in a single program. The actual device you select will be based on a number of factors: physical size/weight, keyboard configuration, cost, storage, ease of use, durability and connectivity. We work with each client to review these options and recommend the ideal scanner to fit your needs. Any scanner we recommend will conform to our standards for durability and ease-of-use so that you know the scanner will meet the rigors of asset management for years to come.

In some situations, we will recommend wedge devices as the best option. These scanners will plug into the computer’s USB port and substitute scanning for key-enter. Available either with a cord or in a Bluetooth version, these devices are ideal for technology deployment and check-in/check-out applications.

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