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Asset Hardware for RFID Scanners & Asset Labels

RFID Scanners & Asset Labels


RFID has slowly become an important consideration in evaluating asset management solutions. We offer passive solutions that expand the capabilities and flexibility of asset identification. While bar coding reads by visually scanning a label, RFID utilizes a radio signal that detects and records information contained in an electronic inlay built into the label. Because the user does not find the actual label, data can be recorded quickly and with less effort.

While visibly similar to traditional bar code scanners, RFID-equipped scanners simply include the RFID component in addition to the bar code scanner. The same identification number is used in the inlay as is printed on the barcode and human-readable portion of the label. As a result, the same powerful data management and reporting capabilities of AssetWIN apply to both RFID and barcode-based solutions. In fact, many clients will use the two technologies interchangeably based on situational requirements in the field.

As with barcode scanners, we will work with you to evaluate your requirements and identify the most appropriate device for your needs. Just as asset management software is not a one-size-fits-all solution, asset management hardware requires careful selection as well.

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