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Fixed Asset Tracking Software

Track and manage your assets from anywhere, at anytime.

Fixed asset tracking software with fully integrated mobile functionality

In order to run a business at its most efficient level, management absolutely must be able to track assets anywhere, anytime. Asset Systems offers the most robust asset tracking software on the market, now with fully integrated mobile functionality.

With AssetWIN, we have fully integrated mobile functionality into our winning formula to support any available device, operating system, and platform—Android, iOS, Windows—so you can manage your assets around the globe from wherever you may be, all you need is your phone or tablet. With AssetWIN, gone are the days of limited functionality on your mobile device.

Our asset tracking software’s mobile functionality is truly unrestricted:

  • Users can perform any type of transaction to any asset from the mobile device.
  • Asset queries based on either the asset or serial numbers are also fully supported.
  • The software features data capture capabilities using either barcodes or RFID tags, supporting a broad range of scanners.
  • We’ve added improvements to our audit program for individual assets and a new audit for grouped assets.
  • Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) 34 and 35
  • Users can seamlessly move to other parts of AssetWIN to maintain tables, perform global updates, and create and view reports.

Keep your inventory current with fixed asset tracking software.

Fixed asset inventory is just one piece to the asset management puzzle. At Asset Systems, we offer the complete asset management solution with AssetWIN—a robust fixed asset tracking software allowing you to keep your inventory up-to-date, generate custom asset reports, remain tax compliant, and more. AssetWIN is also fully integrated with mobile functionality so you can track your assets from anywhere, at anytime.

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AssetWIN Features

AssetWIN is designed from the ground up to work the way you do rather than the other way around.

This is our most adaptable and scalable asset tracking software yet, meeting the needs of small business, enterprise, educational institutions, and hospitals alike. Deployed either in the cloud or locally installed, AssetWIN’s unlimited user-defined data assures that it can support the needs of the most complex organizations, and sophisticated reporting via standard reports and a built-in report writer assures that your data can be presented with ease.

Software features include:

  • Mobile Data Collection AssetWIN captures data over WIFI directly into the database using easy to use Bluetooth scanners. Each transaction of any type is fully verified and available immediately in the database.
  • Relational Database Design AssetWIN’s exclusive relational connection eliminates the opportunity to make mistakes during data entry. It’s truly the industry’s most efficient data collection method, simplifying the process and limiting the training requirements for personnel.
  • Audit Trail AssetWIN includes a simple yet robust audit capability. Rather than complicated downloads or reprogramming, simply scan the assets in one or more locations, upload the data and print reports. It’s that simple.
  • Built-in Reporting Sophisticated reporting assures that your data can be presented with ease, filtered, exported, and saved for future use. AssetWIN delivers two reporting platforms: our 100+ Standard Reports cover a vast range of summary, detailed, transaction and exception reports supporting proactive management, and our Report Writer gives you the freedom to define what a report contains and how it is formatted.
  • Unparalleled Adaptability Whatever type of assets you track or what data you need to define, AssetWIN will adapt. With unlimited user defined data and data types, alias names, unlimited descriptions, custom views, AssetWIN has the flexibility you need.
  • Grouped Asset Tracking Include multiple quantities of assets in a single record for powerful tracking of lower cost items or actively managing consumables.
  • Check-in / Check-out Temporarily assign assets to departments or individuals along with due date. Assignments can be made individually or in groups, renewed for longer periods and identified by look-ups or scanning. Of course, AssetWIN provides an electronic reminder if assets are past due.
  • Barcoding / RFID Automated data capture is fundamental to AssetWIN and it provides a complete spectrum of choice. We support wedges; mobile, batch and WIFI devices; cellular technology; and many forms of RFID data collection. Equally important, we work with you to define integration of these tools in a cost effective solution addressing your needs.
  • Depreciation Management: AssetWIN SL Depreciation AssetWIN® SL Depreciation module adds the convenience of a fully integrated, straight-line depreciation system to the core of our asset management software. Organizations using straight-line depreciation, public entities struggling to comply with GASB 34/35, and departments requiring supplementary information will find it is the complete solution. Powerful, yet easy to use, AssetWIN®’s SL Depreciation Module eliminates redundant data entry and the complexities associated with spreadsheet methods.
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Version of AssetWIN Tracking Software

AssetWIN Enterprise

Enterprise-grade asset management software designed for the most demanding environments, AssetWIN Enterprise combines a unique application feature set with the latest technology to achieve an unparalleled solution to manage assets for their complete life cycle.

  • No limit on number of assets.
  • Comes with a SQL Server back-end database.

AssetWIN Business Series

Designed for the mid-range asset manager who needs a functionally strong system that can manage a variety of asset types and users in one system. It provides controls, both user-defined and architecturally designed, that assure your data is accurate and reliable.

  • No limit on number of assets.
  • Comes with an Access back-end database.

AssetWIN Lite

AssetWIN Lite is a powerful asset tracking software solution designed for department-level and small business needs. Rather than a scaled-down version of a higher priced product, our Lite version offers the same complete feature set as our other versions with a limit of 1,500 assets.

  • Limited to 1,500 assets and a single database.
  • Either SQL Server or Access back-end database.

Read our Buyer’s Guide for Asset Tracking Solutions

There are a lot of options on the market for asset tracking solutions and asset management, so we’ve compiled a list of ten things to know when shopping to make sure you end up with the tracking solution that’s right for you and your business.

"We conducted a rigorous search for a replacement asset tracking system for our immediate needs and one flexible enough to allow us to evolve. AssetWIN was unarguably the best choice. Their team provided excellent training and customer support. The system saves time and improves accuracy. The system has provided flexibility beyond our expectations."

"AssetWIN allows us to easily address the compliance requirements of a variety groups which oversee our operations. Asset Systems provided a complete turnkey of our original installation. And our database has doubled in size without any reduction in performance."

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