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AssetWIN SL Depreciation

Automatically Track Depreciation for Capital Assets

Automatically Track Depreciation for Capital Assets

The AssetWIN® SL Depreciation module adds the convenience of a fully integrated, straight-line depreciation system to its core application, asset management. Designed as a complete solution, any organization using straight-line depreciation, public entities struggling to comply with GASB 34/35, or departments requiring supplementary information will find it is the right solution. Powerful, yet easy to use, AssetWIN®'s SL Depreciation Module eliminates redundant data entry and the complexities associated with spreadsheet methods.

Strong Security

Role based security allows you to not only limit access to depreciation data, but to define what each user can do once in depreciation.

Predefined Depreciation Process

SL Depreciation sets as defaults the capitalization policy, useful lives, accounting periods, and GL account numbers based on asset categories. Of course, these can be over-ridden for any individual asset.

Fully Integrated

AssetWIN lets you easily designate which assets are to be capitalized and which are not. Capital assets are automatically added and begin depreciating the month of purchase.

Compatible with Windows

Additional features include:

  • Calculate straight-line depreciation (SL) on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.
  • Add depreciation related fields either individually or through global default values.
  • Generate monthly journal entries in hardcopy and Excel for GL import.
  • Begin depreciating an asset the month of receipt.
  • Select a wide range of standard reports and develop custom reports through the AssetWIN® Report Writer.
  • Define separate password protection and user rights to depreciation data.

Taxed Based Depreciation Partner with Bloomberg BNA

For those who need a taxed based depreciation system, or have more complex calculation needs Asset Systems partners with Bloomberg/BNA. To learn more about the BNA Fixed Asset Depreciation System please contact our sales department to find the power of this alternative.

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