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Inventory best practices

Successful asset management projects take a broad view of how this application will fit in the organization. Creating an island of automation will not only sub optimize the investment but limit the useful life of the system. However, assuring that asset management is complementary to other systems, particularly fixed asset accounting, requires a paradigm shift in many organizations. This white paper discusses many of the considerations and possible solutions to make this effort succeed.

Fixed Asset Audits

Now that all of the assets are properly labeled, what is the best means to audit the results going forward? This white paper discusses not only best practices during the audit itself but important data constructions that will make the effort faster and more complete.

Di Minimis

When the Internal Revenue Service changed the regulations regarding Di Minimis assets, most asset management systems had no ability to comply. More importantly, many financial executives had not thought through the implication of the rule changes and were left scrambling with inadequate information. This paper discusses the implications on these new rules and how best to achieve compliance at a low cost.

Prince George’s Community College

When Prince George’s Community College decided to implement asset management things did not go exactly as expected. The ultimate success required a critical examination of available and needed data, staff resources and, of course, the software needed to get the job done. This candid article describes in detail one client’s experience in implementing asset management and several of the lessons they learned along the way.

A Buyer’s Guide for Asset Tracking Solutions

There are a lot of options on the market for asset tracking solutions and asset management, so we’ve compiled a list of ten things to know when shopping to make sure you end up with the tracking solution that’s right for you and your business.

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