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Asset Inventory Services

Accurate inventory is vital to successful asset management.

Scalable inventory management solutions to meet your business needs

Asset Systems offers complete inventory services both independently and in conjunction with asset management software implementation. We are also capable of providing periodic inventory to confirm the accuracy of data or comply with regulations. In either case, we understand an asset management project may succeed or fail based on the accuracy of the underlying data

Features of our inventory services include:

  • Asset Tagging Our services include identifying, locating and tagging assets. Or if you simply need a count of asset by type and location, we can provide that as well. We use barcode and RFID labels for assets, depending on the tracking environment.
  • Asset Reconciliation If you have asset records that need field evaluation and updating, we can deploy the resources to complete the task quickly and accurately.
  • Data Conversion A common, stubborn problem is converting assets that are not tagged to a fully tagged environment. We have developed techniques that can use your existing data to tag your assets at a minimum cost.

Keep your inventory current with fixed asset tracking software

Fixed asset inventory is just one piece to the asset management puzzle. At Asset Systems, we offer the complete asset management solution with AssetWIN—a robust fixed asset tracking software allowing you to keep your inventory up-to-date, generate custom asset reports, remain tax compliant, and more. AssetWIN is also fully integrated with mobile functionality so you can track your assets from anywhere, at anytime.

Why our clients trust us with their inventory

Every inventory we conduct is designed to provide the most accurate results possible. Each engagement is unique and our project solution is adapted to those needs. We will never use siege tactics to perform an inventory because those results are, at best, inconsistent. But there are certain immutable standards we always apply:

  • Experienced Staff Each project is managed by our full time staff of inventory specialists. Each team member has years of experience in performing inventories and in using the technology tools that underpin the data collection process.
  • Structured Quality Control Built into the inventory process is a verification procedure to review and correct the errors that can occur during the field inventory process. It assures near perfect results.

You Name the Asset, We Can Track It for You.

  • Biomedical Equipment
  • Gaming Machines
  • Food Service/Hospitality Items
  • Furniture
  • Aeronautical Assets
  • Firearms
  • IT Assets
  • Production Equipment
  • Consumables
  • Scientific Equipment
  • Vehicles
  • & anything else that moves

Clients who have used our inventory services

Clients who have used Asset Systems tracking solutions

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Download our White Paper on Fixed Asset Inventory Management

Successful asset management projects take a broad view of how this application will fit in the organization.Assuring that fixed asset accounting is complementary to other systems requires a paradigm shift in many organizations. Download our white paper to learn how to implement best practices for an inventory project to ensure yours succeeds.

"Great Customer care. Not only do they communicate with us, but they listen to new ideas and improvements that the customer can add. I see the amazing program that AssetWIN is getting better and better. We currently use two databases; one for Assets inventories and one for our safety records and documents. The user Defined Fields make this program limitless in its application."

"The AssetWIN products that MNTC purchased have allowed us to gainfully record and monitor our fixed asset inventory. We have since asked Asset Systems to help us streamline our process and they willingly worked out a solution that has cut our man hours by half and increased our productivity by two-thirds. In an ever-changing environment, it is imperative to have customer support that is knowledgeable and willing to help. Asset Systems has accomplished this for us at every turn."

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