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Case Studies

Managing IT Assets

A nationwide operator of amusement parks had wrestled with the challenge of consistently managing technology assets across a geographically diverse group of sites.

Facility Restack

The project was to renovate and re-purpose eight buildings throughout a 40,000-student college by reusing as many of the existing assets as available over a 4-year time frame without effecting class schedules and business affairs.


The US Department of Defense, as one would suspect, has stringent quality control requirements for the manufacturing and enhancements of military aircraft. In the case of electronic components that control aircraft performance, each change, whether hardware- or software-related, must be tested individually and confirmed through a simulator before deployment.


Prince George’s Community College faced a crossroads with its fixed asset accounting data. Though they had used a mainframe-based system for years to record asset data, they recognized that they had outgrown the system’s capabilities.

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