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The Cost-Effective Warehouse


An effective warehouse is a necessity for every dealer. That effectiveness is directly dependent on the software tools used to manage the product. While dealers work relentlessly to squeeze every penny in real estate, shelving, equipment and staff, software and its impact can easily be lost in the process.

In fact, two systems are required. While the business system typically handles customer orders for new products, the software required for customer stored products is not quite as obvious. Some will use home grown systems or spreadsheets which can work, to a point. Others might take the lead of a manufacturer and use a large cloud solution that is overkill and oppressively expensive except for an occasional large order. While these might have made sense in previous years, over time these approaches need to be reevaluated.

What is needed is a system that easily integrates CFI data, captures information electronically, operates in a local or hosted setting, provides reservation/picking capability and cloud access to the dealer’s clients. Most importantly, it needs to improve the efficiency of the warehouse but at a reasonable price point.

We have deployed this technology to dealers for decades. Our products are reliable, robust and we have recently added to the feature set with several dealer focused improvements. So, if you wonder if you are getting your money’s worth from your warehouse management system, give us a call for a no-obligation demo.